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Councillor Harder moved:

WHEREAS in accordance with the Community Charter, and in the interests of public health, Council may establish services for the collection, removal, and disposal of garbage and may regulate the use of those services to prevent animals from accessing waste disposal containers;

And WHEREAS the Council of the City of Langford may regulate in relation to animals and nuisance prevention;

THEREFORE, the Council of the City of Langford directs staff to conduct a public awareness campaign to inform residents of the need to store refuse and other food sources securely to prevent human-wildlife conflicts;

AND further directs staff to explore all legal options, including enacting a Wildlife Attractants Bylaw, to store and secure refuse and food sources securely to prevent bears, cougars, and wolves from accessing and becoming conditioned to, or dependent on, food sources generated or controlled by human activity to protect public safety and support the conservation of local wildlife populations.



“Langford Zoning Bylaw, Amendment No. 714, (902 Walfred Road), Bylaw No. 2162, 2024". (ADOPTION)